copper nails and roves

Copper nails, roves

  • Square copper boatnails

    Copper boatnails in square section with flat counterssunk head.

    Riveting is a traditional way for fixing planks or mast circles with copper roves. 

    Copper roves sold separately. 

    Sold per 100g or 1kg. 

    À partir de €5.24
  • Copper roves for boatnails

    Copper roves for riveting procedure with square boatnails. Diameter 8mm up to 19mm.

    Sold on weight. 


    À partir de €93.32
  • Rivet snap in forged steel

    Rivet snap which is an essential tool for neating copper nails and rove work. 

    The rivet head maker is used as a mallet.

    Instruction manual :

    Hammer your copper boatnail into the plank (tipping to the inside of the boat). Then place the copper rove on the tip and fix it with your rove punch. Go ahead and sink the nail completely in. Cut the excess and tap on it with the opposit part of your rove punch to flatten the end.

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