Vernis bateaux monocomposants

Vernis mono-composant


    Mono-component boat varnish high resistance for new wood ships.

    Thanks to its UV filters it protects wood from aging.  

    This transparent marina varnish with a light amber hue is composed of phénolic resin and Tung oil. 

    Its commonly used in Italy on traditional RIVA wood ships. 


    Application : 

    Sand with sandpaper 120 (on new wood) and with 280 (on painted wood). 

    Dry after 3 hours at 20C° between each layer. 

    • Complete drying after 24 hours at 20C°. 
  • Gloss varnish Stoppani for wood boats

    Mono-componant shiny varnish for wood boats, STOPPANI brand "Clipper Lucida". 

    Thanks to its anti-UV agents your wood will never turn yellow

    Restores shine of square and deck wood.  

    This polyurethan varnish will harden without any added catalysts.

    Its high resistance against saltwater environment makes this varnish a very popular product for italian RIVA boats. 


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    Diluant 277 classique to liquidify your varnish and laques mono-component STOPPANI when applying. 
    You can use it with varnish Classic Yacht and Clipper. 



  • Epifanes mono-component shiny varnish

    Traditional mono-component and very shiny varnish (Epifanes). Based on precious wood oils and alkyd and phenol resine for an excellent and long durability. Contains a UV filter aganist wood bleaching.  

    This varnish can be applied directly on natural wood (untreated) or on a existing mono-component or bi-component layer. Internal or external application above the waterline. 

    Epifanes varnis is reknowned for it's durable brilliance, even in tropical climates. 

    Recoverable after 24 hours at 18°C (65°F).

    Dilution : Epifanes mono-component diluent for paint & varnish 

    Sold by 0,5l or 1l

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  • Epifanes RAPIDCOAT mono-component varnish 0.75L

    Epifanes RAPIDCOAT mono-component  varnish is a quick and easy solultion with an exellent protection (all types of climate). Based on alkyd resine/modified urethan and indestructible, transparent pigments for a slightly tinted and UV resistant finish. 

    Durable and beautifying protection for all internal and external marina wood types above the waterline. 

    Water-resistant while respecting wood breathing. High adhesion on teack and other exotic wood types. 

    Protects from bleaching and increases natural fibre of untreated wood. No need to sand between layers. 

    Do not dilute


    Varnish transparent half-shiny finish for an instant and a long lasting protection of greasy wood types like teack. Doesn't require any sanding between layers.  

    This varnish is made of modified alkyde urethan resin. It preserves the natural grain of wood and protects wood from bleaching. 

    Epifanes Rapidclear gives a half-shiny finish with a maximum of durability and UV protection. 

    Application :

    4 to 5 layers each 5 to 6 hours after having successfully sanded and disgreased wood. 
    If needed you can just clean the surface and apply a new layer. 


  • Epifanes mono-component varnish satin silky shiny

    Epifanes transparent and silky satin shiny varnish with a very quick-drying. Based on polyurethan and alkyde resine for an exellent protection against alcools and agressive, chemical cleaning products. 

    Recoverable after 12 hours at 18°C (65°F).

    Dilution : Epifanes mono-component diluent for paint & varnish

    Sold by 0,5l or 1l 


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  • Epifanes mono-component varnish WOODFINISH shiny

    Epifanes WOODFINISH shiny mono-component varnish high brilliance and clear hue. For an excellent adhesion finish on new teack or other exotic wood types. 

    No need to sand if drying is less than 72 hours between layers. 

    Application of 8 to 10 layers recommended. Recoverable after 24 hours at 18°C (65°F).

    Can be used on teack, Iroko or as alternative for the regular maintenance of greasy wood. 

    Do not use on Bankirai.

    External and internal application above the waterline in fresh or saltwater. If this varnish is applied on dry wood, micro porosity will not be that efficient.

    Diluant : Epifanes brush diluant

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  • Epifanes mono-component diluent 1L

    Diluent for all mono-component Epifanes varnishs. Liquidifies varnish for a better penetration into wood. 

    Fits to shiny varnish, to the satin silky varnish and to Woodfinish. 

    Sold in 1L

  • Traditionnal marine varnish n°1 Le Tonkinois

    Traditional varnish single compenent consist of linseed oil, tung and natural resin.

    Applicableon all wooden parts above the boat's waterline, for exemple deck.

    This varnish is flexible and resistant to UV and light.

  • LE TONKINOIS resine based varnish shiny

    LE TONKINOIS is a traditional resin based vanish, composed of linseed oil and Chinese wood oil. Can be modified by cooking at hight temperature. 

    Specally recommended for traditional planks and vessel interiors. The finish is shiny but can also be matified with a top layer of GELOMAT. 

    Certified by the National Marina and recommended for the maintenance of exotic wood types. 

    Sold by 0,5l, 1l or 2,5l

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  • GELOMAT matt fninish

    GELOMAT for a matt finish. 

    Added to the final varnish layer of Tonkinois, it will give your varnish a matt finish.

    25% for a satiny aspect, 50% for a perfect matt finish. 

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  • WOODSKIN hybrid micro-porous varnish/oil 0.75L

    WOODSKIN is a hybrid and micro-porous varnish/oil, acting as a "skin" on all wood types (even greasy wood, teack and iriko). Easy application with a satiny finish. Leaves a colorless and uniforme layer, resistant against peeling and crackling. 

    No dilution and no sanding between each layer. 
    For wood already covered with WOODSKIN or SIKKENS CETOL MARINE, clean with a soft detergent product. Pass slightly with a flat sanding block and rinse with water and leave drying.
    For wood already treated with another varnish, take off entierly the old varnish to get back the natural surface.
    For natural wood or plywood, no need for sanding or pre-treatment.
    For greasy wood, make sure the surface has been prepared and degreased correctly

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  • Varnish mono-component ALLWOOD - AWLGRIP

    Mono-component varnish specially designed to recover the natural shade of different wood types.

    Time saving of 50% compared to classic varnish, very fast hardening. 

    First applie a tinted primer (yellow, red or colorless) and then 8 layers of vanish with 24h drying between. No need to sand. 

    For an external use, do only applie above the waterline. 

    Covering of 12m2/l


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