Bonding primers & fillers

  • Tinted primer ALLWOOD - AWLGRIP

    Tinted or colorless primer  ALLWOOD to recover and uniform the original wood color. 

    Fast drying.
    50% time saving compared to classic varnish. 

    Application :
    1 primer layer
    8 layers of shiny finish. 

    Drying time of 24 hours between each layer, no sanding needed. 


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  • Wood primer mono-component 127 orange or white

    Wood primer 127 orange or white mono-component is a micro-porous alkyd resin for new and cleaned wood. 

    Thanks to its tiny particle size it penetrates perfectly well and deep into wood structure (after dilution). 

    Applied on dry wood it must be recovered with an unsealed finish like PLASTILUX. 

    Nourishes wood and protects it against corrision and rotting.

    Replaces lead minium (strictly forbidden today). 


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  • Peinture marine primaire/finition 2 en 1 ANCORBOIS

    Paint for traditional wood boats 2 in 1.

    Primer and finish microporus to respect the natural wood breathing process. 

    For highly exposed parts you should even use the wood primer 127.

    Quality washable marina finish, high resistance to rough weather, runoff and UV. 

    Excellent wood nourishing, jellyfied formula to avoid any slipping. 

    Available in 12 colors (see chart)

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  • Pitch BLACKTHUNE fluid

    Blacktune liquid pitch, black tar varnish with a quick drying time. 

    Petrolium pitch for protecting hulls, harbor machines and locks agains corrision. Also used on underground and immersed wood. 

    Can be applied directly on new and natural wood or on wood already treated with insecticide or fungicide.  

    Important : 

    Blacktune is recoverable only by itself or by adapted antifouling products (if drying time respected). 

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  • Greasy smooth coat ULIROC

    Greasy and thin coating with hight hardness and neat laquer finish. 

    Makes the one-layer-finish easy, can be applied as well on exterior as interior surfaces. 

    For a perfectly smooth finsh we recommend to apply first ULIROC pitch. 

    This greasy coating allows you to lacquer your surfaces directly if the base is solid, clean and dry.

    Ambiant air : 20°C, humidity : 60%

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  • Multi-use glazier mastic with linseed-oil

    Linseed-oil-baised sealant for the installation of glazing on wooden frames and covering of paints. 

    Very strong adhesion on glass and on painted surfaces with slow drying.

    Resistant against climate ageing, high temperatures (30°C up to 70)C) and UV.

    Available in 500gr or 5kg. 


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  • Traditional planking wax sealant

    Traditional planking wax sealant for small wooden plank or tack cracking.  The brown wax stays soft and will not harm existent joints. Very resistant against salted and fresh water. Can even be applied on exterior wet planks with a mastic knife or a brush (when warmed). Sold by jar of 200ml. 

    Attention : Can become soft under the sun and may dirt your cloth. 

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  • Vegetal Norvegian tar 5L

    Norwegian tar 5L. 

    Real vegetal norvegian tar for protecting ropes and wood in a natural way.