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    Boat caulking, a whole story (And everyone has their own!)

    Caulking is an essential step that we have always found throughout the history of boats.

    By A l'Abordage on april 18, 2023

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    [Checklist] The 7 indispensable seamanship tools, always to have at hand.

    Seamanship encompasses all the small tasks performed aboard a boat using ropes: knots, splices, sewing, moorings...

    By A l'Abordage on 15 February 15, 2023

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    The "cargo sailboat" Avontuur makes a stop in La Rochelle

    We sought to learn more about this « cargo sailboat » project by going directly to the port with our camera!

    By A l'Abordage on january 10, 2018

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