Vernis bicomposants bateaux

Vernis bicomposant

  • Stoppani PU 910 bi-component varnish quick-drying 1.5L

    Bi-component polyurethan varnish for compound wood, made from resin polyester. 
    Very quick drying time. 

    This varnish is commonly used in Italy on traditionnal RIVA wood ships

    For a brush application you can use the diluent 371 (dilution 15% to 20%) and for a pistol application use the diluent 911 (dilution 30% to 40%).

    Sold in a 1,5L container (base + hardener included). 


  • Stoppani Glasstop clear UV varnish for boats, two-component 0.75 L

    Bi-component shiny marina varnish STOPPANI. Made of polyester resin and polyurethan. 

    Specially developped for the marina atmospere. High resistance against harsh clima and salt water thanks to its elasticity. 

    Can be applied on all types of precious wood as acajou, above the waterline. 

    For a brush application use the diluant 371 and for a pistol application diluant 911.  

    Sold in a 0.75L container (base and hardener included).

  • Diluant Stoppani 371 pour vernis appliqué au pinceau 1L

    Diluant 371 STOPPANI for brush application of marina bi-component varnish, specially at high temperatures. 

  • Diluant Stoppani 911 pour vernis bicomposant pistolet 1L

    Diluant 911 Stoppani sold in 1L.

    Principally used for bi-component marina varnish pistol application (but also suited for brush application). 

    It's recommended to dilue your varnish when temperature's high. 

  • Epifanes bi-component polyurethane varnish matt finish 0.75L

    Epifanes polyurethan bi-component varnish with satiny finish.

    This varnish is very UV resistant, used as finish layer on existant polyurethan varnish or on untreated wood (for example marina plywood).

    Excellent for floors or interior tables. 

    Diluant brush-application : Epifanes diluant PU brush.

    Temperature must be between 15°C and 27°C. No need for sanding if recovered beneath 72h. 

    Recoverable after 24 hours at 18°C (65°F).

  • Epifanes bi-component polyurethane varnish shiny finish

    Epifanes bi-component polyurethan varnish with a matt finish, based on saturated polyester resine.   

    This varnish is very resistant to bad weather conditions, to UV and to water abrasion. Can be applied on existant polyurethan varnish or untreated wood (for example marina plywood). May be used as primer in a mono-component system, as protection layer or between a resine expoxy system. 

    Internal or external application above the waterline.

    Temperature must be between 15°C and 27°C. 

    Température d’application : comprise entre 15°C. et 27°C.

    Diluant brush-application brosse : Epifanes diluant PU brush. No need for sanding if recovered beneath 72h. 

    Recoverable after 24 hours at 18°C (65°F).


  • Epifanes diluant PU 1l

    Epifanes polyurethan diluant for shiny or matt finish varnish, brush-application. 

    Liquifies your varnish for a better penetration.