Lasures et huiles pour protection du bois

Woodstain & oil

Lasures et huiles pour la protection des bateaux classiques et traditionnels en bois.

  • Marina stain finish L1

    Marina satiny stain finish L1, alkyd resin based on solvent phase. Preventiv protection of wood against blue stain and wood-destroying insects.

    Available in 4 different tints : colorless, mahogany, teak and walnut. 

    Application : 
    Wood must be perfectly dry and external humidity has to be less than 18%, internal less than 12%. Sanding and brushing wood before applying first layer. 


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  • Linseed oil 1L

    Linseed oil in 1L to protect wood against humidity and freeze

    Restores shine of varnished wood. You can use it as a wood treatment as well as a concealer for small defects. 

    This product is specially recommended for exterior wood, rough tiling, floor-tiles, terra cotta... mix the linseed oil with pure gem turpentine.


    Makes mastics, oil paints and grease coatings supple and dilutes them. 


  • WOODSKIN hybrid micro-porous varnish/oil 0.75L

    WOODSKIN is a hybrid and micro-porous varnish/oil, acting as a "skin" on all wood types (even greasy wood, teack and iriko). Easy application with a satiny finish. Leaves a colorless and uniforme layer, resistant against peeling and crackling. 

    No dilution and no sanding between each layer. 
    For wood already covered with WOODSKIN or SIKKENS CETOL MARINE, clean with a soft detergent product. Pass slightly with a flat sanding block and rinse with water and leave drying.
    For wood already treated with another varnish, take off entierly the old varnish to get back the natural surface.
    For natural wood or plywood, no need for sanding or pre-treatment.
    For greasy wood, make sure the surface has been prepared and degreased correctly

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  • Chinese wood oil 1L or 5L

    5 liters of chinese wood oil (tung oil).

    Main use for paint and varnish preparation as well as wood protection. 


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  • Turpentine essence (pure)

    Pure gem turpentine in 1L

    This product protects or embellishes wood and renovates used leather. It removes grease, mildew or alcohol stains from leather and raw or waxed wood.

    It can also be used as a paint and oil varnish thinner.


    Application : 

    Apply the pure liquid with a cloth. 

    Dilute to 50% with linseed oil for a perfect wood protection (with brush).

  • Comus solvent teak oil in 1L or 5L

    Solvent teak oil, impregnating product for exotic wood.

    Teak oil is very nourishing, impregnating and sustainably protecting teak in a saline environment. Provides a long-term anti-UV and antifungal protection. 

    On new exotic wood, it is recommended to wait 1 year (outdoor conditions) to let the exude natural contained tannins, that could prevent the oil from drying normally.

    DILUTION: White spirit

    COLOUR: Slightly amberd

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