Marine paint

Marine paint

  • Peinture marine primaire/finition 2 en 1 ANCORBOIS

    Paint for traditional wood boats 2 in 1.

    Primer and finish microporus to respect the natural wood breathing process. 

    For highly exposed parts you should even use the wood primer 127.

    Quality washable marina finish, high resistance to rough weather, runoff and UV. 

    Excellent wood nourishing, jellyfied formula to avoid any slipping. 

    Available in 12 colors (see chart)

    À partir de €25.59
  • Epifanes Bootslack for yacht

    Epifanes Bootlak, traditional mono-component high-gloss marina paint (alkyd). 

    Covering power : 12m² / L

    This yacht varnish can easily be diluted and gives a very shiny finish. Excellent durability to climatic aggressions. 

    You can apply it on fibreglass, steel, wood or aluminum and is suitable for all indoor and outdoor use above the waterline. 

    ACKAGING : 0.75L

    Some colors are available in 2L or 4L containers on order.

    À partir de €30.16
  • SEAJET COASTAL antifouling hard matrice

    Antifouling SEAJET COASTAL, hard matrice, seasonal antifouling.

    Coastal is intended to all pleasure sailboats in wood, polyester, submerged steel or reinforced ciment in medium dirt waters. 

    It's suitable for muddy anchorage and allows you to grounding on sand without leaving any tracks of antifouling. 

    Also adapted for river navigation. 


    À partir de €32.22
  • SEAJET COASTAL antifouling self-polishing

    Antifouling SEAJET SHOGUN, matrice self-polishing hight performance. 

    Thanks to its special formulation you can SEAJET Shongun on wood boats, polyester, reinforced cement but also on motorboats and sailboats up to 40 knots. No matter if your boat is in a grounding port or in deep water. 


    À partir de €52.69