A l'Abordage peut vous fournir les planches de contreplaqués pour l'aménagement ou la restauration de l'intérieur de votre bateau.

  • Okume hydro marine plywood 2,5x1,22m

    Okume hydro marine plywood in 2,5m x 1,22m, thickness 0,5mm. Main use for hull, deck, roof, structural bulkhead. This plywood is also available in Moabi and Sapele wood. ​​​​​​The very hard surface can be painted directly or with an underlayment of epoxy resine. 

    Thickness : 6mm, 8mm, 10mm ou 12mm.

    Marine gluing 10 yars guarantee. 

    Sold by whole sheet or half a sheet. 


    À partir de €180.07
  • Stratifil interior floor plywood

    Stratifil plywood for interior vessel floors. Ready for use, no varnish or maintenance. Just paste it on the existant base. 

    The 14mm floor is a plywood with a structured laminate face, imitation teak light or black threads, mahogany light streaks or maple dark fillets.

    Available in thickness 9mm or 14mm. 

    À partir de €292.56