Saturateurs de bois


  • Wood saturator DEKS OLJE D1

    Saturator for tropical wood D1. 

    Saturates and protects in depth greasy and dense wood types. 

    Penetrates perfectly well and replaces commun teack oil. 

    Colorless, beautifies the natural wood design and stabilizes wood structure. 

    You can use is pure (matt finish) or to recover DEKS OLJE D2 finish



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  • Finish varnish DEKS OLJE D2

    Finish for tropical wood (shiny). 

    Finish varnish for exotic wood types (already treaten with DEKS OLJE D1). 

    Very resistant, souple and long-lasting top layer. Protects from blistering, crazing and peeling.

    Colorless, beautifies the natural wood design and stabilizes wood structure. Wash surfaces regularly with water. 


    Application :

    We recommend to apply 6 layers and more (additional to DEKS OLJE D1) depending on the profundity of shine. Drying time at least 12 hours between each layer. 

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  • Comus solvent teak oil in 1L or 5L

    Solvent teak oil, impregnating product for exotic wood.

    Teak oil is very nourishing, impregnating and sustainably protecting teak in a saline environment. Provides a long-term anti-UV and antifungal protection. 

    On new exotic wood, it is recommended to wait 1 year (outdoor conditions) to let the exude natural contained tannins, that could prevent the oil from drying normally.

    DILUTION: White spirit

    COLOUR: Slightly amberd

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