Check out our selection of sheets and fairleads in wood, bronze, and solid brass, essential elements of a boat's deck hardware, used to guide and secure ropes and mooring lines while maintaining the traditional appearance of your vessel.

Whether you need to replace existing parts or add new equipment, our comprehensive range will help you find the perfect chocks and fairleads for your wooden boat.

Crafted from wood, bronze, or solid brass, these pieces are available in a range of sizes to accommodate various types of wooden boats. Sheets are supports fixed to the boat's deck to hold mooring lines, while fairleads are pieces mounted on the edge of the deck to guide ropes to sheets or other attachment points. These accessories play a crucial role in the safety and maneuverability of a wooden boat, providing a reliable way to manage mooring and navigation lines.

Fairleads and Sheet in brass, bronze and wood

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Bronze handed fairlead

Handed fairlead in polished bronze starboard or portside for the lateral maintain of hawser or anchorage chain.  Chandlery...

€41.64 Price
Left hand, 150 mm
Left hand, 200 mm
Left hand, 100 mm
Left hand, 250 mm
Left hand, 125 mm
Left hand, 300 mm
Right hand, 150 mm
Right hand, 100 mm
Right hand, 250 mm
Right hand, 300 mm
Right hand, 200 mm
Right hand, 125 mm
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